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Contamination from E. coli and other enteric pathogens has potentially become a significant risk to those who support programs that bring humans and farm animals into close proximity, including state and county fairs, animal expositions, petting zoos, agri-tourism and agriculture in the classroom programs.  Recent litigation against fairs and fair operators has signaled an increasing and disturbing new trend in liability.  Whether contamination comes from animal, food, human or water sources, the liability remains high and the stakes critical for anybody involved in brining humans and farm animals together at a fair, exposition or petting zoo environment.   

Recent improvements in the ability to detect E. coli contamination, along with the recent rash of E. coli litigation associated with fairs (Lane County Fair, Oregon in 2002; North Carolina State Fair in 2004; Fort Bend County Fair, Texas in 2004; Central Florida Fair in 2005; Florida Strawberry Festival in 2005; Florida State Fair in 2005), has put our industry on the defensive, with presumably critical stakes in the game.  By nature, fairs, expositions and petting zoos present an incredibly high potential for contamination, resulting in potential litigation, financial loss and liability if fair operators and petting zoo owners fail to reduce risk and protect their visitors in a “reasonable” manner.  Furthermore, increased prevalence of contamination and litigation will drive insurance rates out of reach, or render petting zoos and animal interaction at fair & expo venues uninsurable.   

The International Association of Fairs and Expositions (IAFE), working in harmony with Technical Solutions International (TSI), a technical consulting and training firm, has developed several Consumer Protection Programs for fairs and expositions for the purpose of training and educating fair operators about consumer protection programs at events which bring humans and farm animals into close proximity.  These programs, which include workshops and customized facility assessments, provide basic information about consumer protection programs while providing hands-on assistance in developing programs and protocols to enhance consumer safety at farm animal-human events. 

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