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Target Audience

Any organization, company or business that purposely exposes humans to farm animals is potentially at risk for E. coli or other pathogenic contamination.  Specifically, this program is targeted at owners and operators of the following types of events:

ü      State and County Fairs, where animals are housed in small and large animal barns, shown or displayed for fairgoer entertainment.   

ü      Expositions, where small and large animals are housed on the premise with access by the general public.

ü      Petting Zoos, which operate independently or in cooperation with State and County Fairs or Expositions. 

Included Services

ü      Comprehensive Three-Part Analysis of Fair, Exposition or Petting Zoo ~ Clients will receive a comprehensive three-part analysis of their operation, including a historical review of existing programs and premises, an on-site review of operations during peak season, and a final report with recommendations and photo-documentation of proposed methods to minimize risk associated with E. coli or other pathogenic contamination from farm animals.  Program components are explained in detail later in this proposal. 

ü      “One Stop Shopping” ~ Clients will be charged a “one time” service fee for the three-part program, as described later in this document.  All travel and expenses associated with the on-site review will be inclusive.    

ü      Travel Logistics ~ The assessment team will be responsible for coordinating travel logistics during the on-site review of the facility.  The client shall provide access to facilities and key management personnel during the on-site review process. 

ü      Peak Season Review ~ Due to the importance of observing the facility during peak season, when animals and humans are actively participating in fairs, expositions or planned contact events, this program requires that participants schedule assessments during their peak fair season.  While it is clearly understood that this period of time is busy and critical for revenue development, it is equally important that assessment personnel have the opportunity to review the facility when it is fully functional and staffed.  Assessment personnel will not propose changes to existing facility design or operations during this initial assessment, unless such corrections will immediately and easily avert a critical contamination event.  Assessment personnel are working to support the participant, and will not be critical of existing design or procedures, but will instead try to provide positive and low-cost solutions as part of the follow-up final report.

Services & Costs Not Included

ü      Follow-Up Training – Any proposed personnel training recommended as part of the final assessment report will be on a “cost plus” basis, and is not inclusive of the assessment service fee.  Fees for follow-up training programs are negotiable.

ü      Customized Development of Risk Reduction Resources – The development of any customized risk reduction resources, such as Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SSOP), Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) or Procedural Protocols recommended in the final assessment report will be on a “cost plus” basis, and are not included in the assessment fee.  Fees for customized risk reduction resources are negotiable.

Components of the Three-Part System

Ä     Part One: Records Review

o       Review any existing records, documentation or program(s) pertaining to pathogen minimization

§         Cleaning Protocols Cleaning Procedures, Training Programs for Workers/Cleaning Crew

o       Review Physical Site Plan or Layout

§         Overhead Photographs & Site Plans Building Layout,  Event Design (pens, wash stations, traffic flow)

o       Review Cleaning and Sanitation Program Protocols

§         Approved Chemicals Chemical Concentrations & Usage Frequency of Cleaning

o       Review Historical Data Pertaining to Facility Improvements

§         Timeline of Improvements Investments in Risk Minimization Future Plans

Ä     Part Two: Comprehensive On-Site Facility Assessment

Note: Due to the critical importance reviewing the facility during peak fair season, it is required that the assessment be conducted during the participant’s primary fair or exposition timeframe.

o       Complete & Thorough Site Analysis, with Photo Documentation

§         Floors, Walls, Panels, Configuration

o       Interviews with Key Personnel

§         Set-up, Cleaning, Management, Exhibitors

o       Traffic Flow Pattern Analysis

§         Evaluation of Risk Associated with Human & Animal Traffic Flow

o Common Source Contamination Points

o Cross Contamination Points

o       Analysis of Procedures

§         Animal Housing, Animal Movement, Animal Cleaning & Grooming, Waste Removal, Cleaning & Sanitation, Food & Drink

Ä     Part Three: Final Report & Recommendations

o       Recommended Site Modifications

o       Recommended Procedural Modifications

§         Pre-Event

§         Event

§         Post-Event

§         Sanitation

o       Opportunities for Training

o       Proposed Paper Trail

§         Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SSOP)

§         Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

§         Crisis Response Plan

Project Pricing

ü      Billing Terms

The service fee for the three-part analysis is inclusive, and includes travel expenses.  Program components, while conducted independently, are linked together and only offered as a unit.  All service fees will be paid by the client to the International Association of Fairs & Expositions (IAFE).     

ü      Project Cost

The total service fee for each three-part assessment is $10,000.00.  


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