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Beef 101 is a comprehensive, interactive and innovative four-disc CD-ROM training program designed, written and developed by Dr. Neel, founder of TSI, for ConAgra Beef Company.  The first disc, " Understanding Beef Merchandising", provides training and education information about the beef industry, including where various cuts of beef come from, merchandising methods for beef primal cuts and sub-primal cuts, the role of fat in the diet and ways to predict and enhance tenderness of beef cuts.  The disc is an easy-to-use training tool that significantly enhances the user's understanding of the complexity of the beef industry.


The second and third discs, titled "The Rib and the Loin" and "The Chuck and the Round" are dedicated to increasing the understanding, use and profitability of cuts from the primal sections of the Rib, Loin, Chuck and Round.  These discs explore the various cuts that can be generated from the primal cuts, common merchandising methods, potential foodservice and retail usage for the cuts as well as product specifications.  Additionally, the CD-ROM program allows for price comparison of sub-primal cuts on the basis of cutting yields and raw material prices, allowing the user to select the proper cut of beef for the proper merchandising method.






The fourth and final disc, titled "Thin Meats and Ground Beef", contains information about the thin meats category, including product specifications and purchase options.  Additionally, there is a comprehensive section on ground beef production, including basic methodology, food safety mechanisms and product classes for chub and patty products.  The disc also contains a detailed section on food safety, cookery and quality assurance.







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